Friday, June 4, 2010

Sugekoma and Fever Love Release!

OhKay so before we jump to Sugekoma we introduce you to another yaoi manga! :D
We specially thank GameOverorContinue for releasing this manga before but sadly the quality is at its lowest! Probably due to the raw or whatever! So taking the initiative we decided to raise its quality with all we can!
And now we present- Fever Love!
Its delicious <3

Feverish chapter 1

And then we have new chapters release for Sugekoma! I hope you guys still find it humoruous xD
It's still the same as ever- fighting, arguing, playing and over all crazy!
The following peek in looks familiar huh?
Well- Dig in! :D

chapter 9
chapter 10

Until Laterz- school is kicking in ^_^

cy.fLaire <3

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