Sunday, September 16, 2012

[Chapter Mishaps] URGENT!

MMm... I don't know what happened but there seemed to be a 'mistake' when it comes to the chapters... the raws clearly state that the latest chapter is already Chapter 26... but then when I came to and checked the translated materials on the net by the other group again I found out that it would seem a 'chapter' was skipped on.. basically all the raw materials have 26 chapters but the translated ones is equal to only 25. Do you get it? The chapter raw 23 is equivalent to english translation chapter 22! Which means there was a skipped chapter!

I'm confuse too, and I can't seem to find the skipped chapter.. this might pull our chapter back. The translated chapter 26 might just be English Chapter number 25... meaning to say there's nothing to release anymore except the next raw out... O.O

Are you all with me?

Chapter 26 is already chapter 25 of the English translation... that's how it is when you follow the event in the series... aww...what a shame.. Sorry for raising your hopes up for another chapter! I'll clarify it with bakaupdates once and for all.

So all in all-- only two chapters to expect this month! (I'll see if I can find the skipped material though)

Please don't kill me...yet. *grins*

Grenade- Maiden Rose

Me: Chapter 24's link is right after this post-- don't panic O.O

Just thought I'd share a video I made a year ago from Maiden Rose OVA with 'Grenade' (Bruno Mars) as its bg music^^
I think this song suited Taki's actions before hoho~ because I watched the OVA before reading the manga and I really thought Taki's cold treatment to Klaus is very unfair... and that I cannot blame Klaus for reacting that way XD (by reading the manga-- and the chapters not covered by the OVA I was able to understand the depth of their feelings more! *O*!!! (woahh!)

Anyways-- with those thoughts I was able to put together this vid^^

I hope you take time and watch it even a little haha~

It's for something we all love <3 p="p">

Maiden Rose- Grenade <-- link just in case <3 br="br">

Maiden Rose 24

Me: I'm screaming now. For one--I didn't think I'd be able to release chapter 24 this quickly. I mean- to be able to finish this within 24 hrs of releasing the latest chapter? (screw that poll for filling up the 'yes category' haha~). I guess this is what you mean by WILL POWER :p

Anyways, I did everything I could for this chapter *scratches head*. This is called, the 'DAY OFF MIRACLE' keke.. it's sunday after all *o* Now, I've no idea when to release chapter 25, but I assure you it'll be before the end of this month.

You are welcome, for those who've been throwing hugs, and thanks and kisses, and even their heads at me. It's a pleasure to be working with this great manga after all. It's not really much about the work. It's just like a hobby I couldn't live without doing. So here's your chapter 24 <--

Then again-- thanks also for taking time to say thanks. Those were somewhat a 'boost up', no matter how you look at it. *grins*

Let's all enjoy Maiden Rose~


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Maiden Rose 25 Updates -,-

Me: Stop screaming already... I know opening this page and seeing several eye popping guys making out can make you lose it *grins*
Anyways-- you've been warned before you entered the site, right?



Life is just too boring without my Yaoi fetish *o*

It doesn't mean its 'un-LIVEABLE' but somehow it always felt something's missing ;p

And it all started ever since I found a job haha... that got me off the net for yearsss... talk about serious life living xD

Anyhow... I was so bored (without yaoi) that I decided to activate one of my favorite yaoi story so far... 'Maiden Rose'...
Chapters of the said manga have been filling the other side of the globe but unfortunately it didn't reach wherever I am, so with this reason I'm bringing up Maiden Rose manga's latest chapter *o*

It's last scanner seemed to be in hiatus... not that I have plenty of time on my hands as well but hey-- its Maiden Rose... gotta find a few minutes for that in me somewhere...

Now I have finished doing chapter 26  25and was about to post it... then I found out chapter 24 and 25 aren't scanlated yet and I was like... 'should I post it or not'? dilemma... sheesh like the answer's not on me already >.> I mean-- I was this guy who scanlated the whole Get Backer's final volume (my forum's out, but I'll be a total idiot if I didn't save my own file haha) without it's two other volumes released by the first scanners, who am I kidding??? Therefore-- I'm letting it out folks! --> 25<--

Animeaddict1068ProjectScan was my former forum... now it exists simply as Master Claus... actually, I didn't get the idea from Klaus of Maiden Rose... I've changed the name even before I met his character... so somehow it's really 'fate' XoX Oh yeah... I'm also a Saiyuki Ibun scanner so it's also about time I wake up since I heard the next chapter will be out by OCTOBER.. Really, it's time to wake up *o*

It's up to you if you wanna try it or not... or if you want to wait for chapter's 24 and 25 or not... I'm just someone who's used to teasing the 'patience' of readers *o* (btw, I'm not sure if I'll take 24 and 25)

DL or not, your choice.

Oh yeah. All Credits go to Inariya Fusanosuke-sensei.

And yeah, again, it's chapter 26. okay? do not mind the label '25' on each chapter... i've already uploaded it when I noticed it.  NOW THAT WAS SOME KIND OF PREMONITION. -,-''


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Back on posting?

WELL kinda, we're gonna do some bit of updating and release under Master Claus' name, can you believe that? We're off to make Inuyasha stuff since that's mostly that we have now.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011


i like it

Saturday, June 18, 2011

WEirdneSS PoLL!

LOL There was a recent poll that I took a few minutes ago and it was about 'weirdness' level kind of stuff. Out of curiosity I took the level test .. ad d'you know what I've got? I've got this for an answer...

You are… 100% unique (blame, for example, your interest in mangamangamangayaoiyaoiyaoi), 0% peculiar, 0% interesting, 0% normal and 0% herdlike. When it comes to friends you are normal. In terms of the way you relate to people, you are keen to please. Your writing style (based on a recent public entry) is intellectual.

Your overall weirdness is: 108

(The average level of weirdness is: 28.You are weirder than 99% of other users)

Didn't find it surprising huh? ahahahah....weird.... xD

mood: crazy,weird