Saturday, May 3, 2014

More like Junjou, neh?

I included two more mangas that almost looked like Junjou Romantica!

I mean, HELL YEAH! ;D

Title: Junjou Mistake

Summary/Review: This one feels like Junjou because of the title and the graphics! Check it out! Then the story is almost the same! Uke is in love with another (loves a father actually- or not) and so the seme gets the hard part of his unrequited love! I kinda wanna see this in anime action if they could please make it so haha! Anything to do with Junjou is something that must be anticipated! I have leared my lesson well! xD

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Title: Kohitsuji to Ookami

Summary/Review: Now this one definitely IS LIKE Junjou Romantica! Yuu's house got burnt down and so he was invited to stay at a rich friend's house! UnFORTUNATELY his friends brother, Masakuni, returned in the mansion and then YUU (the sweet uke) became his personal sexy guinea pig! And yes, uke+seme equals one hot....... tub! It's amazing! Although Masakuni do tend to be a little scary here haha!

Go read it!
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As the title says- I'll review on yaoi mangas with at least three male participant in the cover! It kinda makes the mood different hahaha!

Here goes~

Title: Last Target
Summary/Review: A very very sweet story about two body guards protecting the violinist from harm! IT IS A THREESOME! so I suggest you start browsing through it! Who'll get Wataru??
It's fun to see how protective SEMES are of their UKES but its really difficult to choose if there are two HOT and definitely HANDSOME SEMES on the go!!!! I wish there are more ukes in the world hahaha!


Title: Arabian de Naito

Summary/Reveiw: Yep, you guessed it! The setting jumps us at the very own setting of Arabian knights LOL! Except that in this one we have the uke protagonist wandering around the area when he meets his doppleganger! Uhuh, someone who looks like him but isn't him! (get the idea!?) and then realizing that this person was an American didn't solve his problem! Wait, wait.... whose the seme between them then? Wanna find out? Then read it ^_______^


Title: Oresamateki

Summary/Review: In short-- models getting jealous over some uke hahahahaha! The story goes like this-- an uke named Rei is a manager in a modelling company! His brother asked him to help out! Constantly though, he is being bullied by a HUNK model named Kazuto who kept telling him he was a 'push over'. But this attitude changes whenever he sees dear feminine uke being teased by other models, especially Hisashi, who keeps hugging Rei every time they meet (THREESOME) making Kazuto angry every time! (he's a total jealous type, huh?) Now then what happens to Rei between the tug of war of TWO FREAKING HANDSOME GUYSSSS!??? ^________^


Title: Golden Eyes

Summary/Review: Okay, we have a psychic on the loose here, everyone! Kaichi can read the mind of other people that causes him problem (because basically you cannot interact well with others if you know what's inside their pretty heads)! Now it so happens that a school mate of his in the old days returned and so he reads his mind... dumdumdumdum.... question is, will his feelings change? And what does his cousin have to do with his relationship to Kei?

Kinda romantic drama with a little twist of the paranormal. It's not that graphically pleasing and yeah, the story is sort of... THAT only... but all the same a taste of something not so typical for YAOI fans might make you like it <3 p="">Mangareado

TOPIC: Suits and Ties!

So now I'll focus mostly on the Yaoi mangas with characters in suit and ties! This is just so cool, neh?

Title:Hakui no Shihaishi

Summary/Review: I don't know but every time I come across this manga it always make me smile. It's probably because it really involves S&M and I don't usually read YAOI stuff with S&M (oohh, shame hahhaa) Anyways, the story's set up is in a hospital and man oh man do we all generally know that doctors and male nurses are HOT to boot as well? Nobuaki is a perfect person to check uke health!!!

Its a fun read! Watch out for the ropes! ^_~
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Topic: Myou Otoko

Summary/Review: Why do they all have different one shots inside one? Well, beats me! What's important is you know that there are more than one story in a manga like this one! It's all about men wandering around in their most gorgeous state and meeting their better half! HAHAHAHA! No, really, meeting in the street and meeting in an apartment! Seriously, what's new??

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Title: Takumi-kun Series

Always take the story from the title! Another set of stories but this time it isn't different locations! Its on a boys dormitory some where far in the mountains and of two characters Takum and Gii in a relationship. It's expected to have relationships in an all boys dormitory anyways but Takumi has a secret...... do you know what? GO FREAKIN READ IT^_______^

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Title: Tsuki ni Hoero

Summary/Review: Body guard plus a super model... what do you want to bet will happen?? A guy named Miki is a body guard to a famous super model Ran. It so happens (as you can conclude from the picture) that there's a wolf.... but it isn't anyone's wolf. It's actually Ran who is not human hahaha! Now that's a plot twist different from anyone wearing a tie! Miki soon realizes that he is not needed by Ran because after all-- who can actually hurt a werewolf/human eh? But then there was an assault and Miki was almost hurt.... and then guess who became the body guard!?

There's another story inside... but well, it is rather insignificant than the dog one^^

Go read and enjoy it like I did! Twisted fun hahaha!
And ahh... it's a dog's style then ^______^
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Title: DIVE

Summary/Review: I told you I love detective works! They give you the manly vibes and being smart too! A whole package if they are also handsome! But then again no author of a yaoi would make their characters look like a bunch of Piccolos, right!?

So then let's go! This story is somewhat serious with a little tense battle of cases against bad forces! Then come the idea of a lone detective whose colleague recently hit the bucket because of a certain enemy! Now he's got another partner-- both naive and sharp Yashiro-kun! Handsome and Handsome hand in hand! But oh, they didn't hit the sack just because their partner... noooo.... they still both have to get over the 'I HATE YOU AS MY PARTNER' stuff, after all.... hahahaha!

Then who'll hit the bucket next?

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Topic: LOVE to Aru? NAh... Just Yaoi LOVE!

Title: Love Kitchen

Summary/ Review: Sakuya, another of Dr. Shindou's androids, is on loan to fellow doctor Kurusu as a maid. In his efforts to help, Sakuya has gotten Dr. Kurusu to quit smoking, but now the good doctor has a craving for something sweet. I think the main purpose of this manga is to really AWAKEN the manliness to anyone who reads it regardless of Gender! The characters may be a little stoic but all the same you can't ignore those HOT scenes given by yours truly!

Oooh~ have we all become Perverts then!? XD

Topic: Love Blooming- A Go Go!

Summary/Review: A set of stories about male friends meeting and falling in love with each other at first sight! And then at that very first site they ended up doing that famous this and that! It's really amazing how fast these characters can go with others once they feel that tiny spark neh? What would Queen Elsa say about that???

"You can't have BEEP BEEP with a man you just met!"


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Title: Love Focus

Summary/Review: A bunch of stories again of HANDSOME  character ukes getting harassed/raped/imprisoned and all you name it! What's with all the SEME all being sadistic? Neh? Yeah, the are supposed to be aggressive but to the point of hurting gentle ukeS??? I object!
Still this set of stories have sumthing in them.. maybe its how the stories were presented... that or I'm just a sadist myself! Come read it!

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Male Uke in YUKATA has always been a..... TURN ON!!! <3 p="">
Title: Adeiro Netsu Shisen

Summary/Review: About a painter named Heiji who found his next inspiration with Aizawa as his model! It's a very simple one shot with a very cute CUTE story inside it! You may consider it run of the mill-- and yesss it is! But mann check out xxx yum yum!

mangareado <-- here="" p="" read="">yaoiotaku <-- download="" here="" p="">

Title: Kitsune no Yome

Summar/Review: Another one of my most unforgettable first time manga encounter! This one kept me  promising to myself I'll discover more MORE yaoi manga! It's story is plain about a young man walking in the forest and was suddenly harassed by a guy wearing the fox mask! turns out after three years it was his best buddy! I love this story-- well, it was the six story, mind you-- because... well, because it was pretty exciting and lovely! And the art (look at that view there! Who would let that boy pass without a touching neh?? *yeah, I'm twisted, I know!)

So then read it!
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Title: Kagome

Summary/Review: When a young master’s father unexpectedly passes away, he knew he wouldn‘t be free from the madness his father left behind. His father’s eccentric tastes led him to buy and raise his very own lover and now that he has died his father’s lover is to be his responsibility. Old wounds are torn open and the painful past resurface once again! A drama type yaoi that focuses on the theme death. Everyone agrees with me when I say 'drama' is part of a BL relationship, neh? Makes yaoi fans go all frenzy and cry here and there! Still, the colorful meaning of true love is also exploit in this story and anyone who has inkling toward dramatic affairs can always take this as a side reading since its pretty short! Not much...that though hahah!

Hot Males!

I have more to go so here goes another set!

Title: Asobi ja nai no

Summary/Review: Just seeing this cover makes me go all nuts! Both have equally good graphics and both are handsome and hunks! Except that the other is quite the feminine haha! The art is really fun! Now the story is like this-- Kagami and Fukamachi are two friends who both secretly love each other, but the other doesn't know it. Then one day, Kagami tells Fukamachi that he's in love with his sister- in which Fukamachi then reluctantly decides to introduce his sister to Kagami. Now Kagami is faced with showing Fukamachi how he feels before he's forced to go out with a girl he doesn't love. And then off the two partners. I really mostly enjoyed the xxx part fufufuf~


Next: Okane Ga Nai

Summary/ Review: Ayase Yukiya is a university student whose cousin Tetsuo Ishii betrays him and sells him in an auction to settle his heavy debts. Ayase is bought by Somuku Kanou for 1.2 billion yen. The reason behind Kanou doing this is Kanou remembers Ayase from four years ago, when Ayase, a stranger, helped him. Now Kanou wants to keep Ayase close to him in order to protect him, and uses the 1.2 billion debt to force Ayase to live with him. As Ayase is still a student and does not have a job, he is forced to sell his body to Kanou for 500 000 yen a time.

And just like Junjou Romantica with the 'Glass of Milk Paid in Full' sort of story~ the uke is victim of a relative that rendered him penniless so he's gotta be sold out! Then comes our badass Seme who wanted to protect him at all cost! The graphics is fine and scenes are hot (face it-- we need to know that!) so I'll say this story is perfect if you have time to spare! It's quite long see-- so you gotta spend time to it!



I told you Hyakujitsu no Bara is one of my ultimate yaoi find!

Title: Hyakujitsu no Bara dj: Luckenwalde

Summary/Review: The time spent by Taki and Klaus back in Luckenwalde! A dorm! A place where they were YOUNG and FRESH and INNOCENT! (although I doubt if Klaus has ever been innocent!).
I remember reading this and feeling the love between these two guys.... AW INARIYA-SENSEI!!!! DID YOU OR DID YOU NOT DROP HYAKUJITSU NO BARA?!??

I really won't mind doing the cleaning and translating and all.... but I do want Hyakujitsu no bara on the game again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This calls for a COME BACK!!!